I grew up never really understanding why on every beauty or body product sold in stores, there was "Normal" and then there was me. Lotion for "normal" to dry skin, makeup for "normal" to dark skin. Why wasn't I considered normal. I realized it was because I was not these products target market, and never will be. None the less, I bought these products because I had no choice.

In 2015 I discovered there were products being made for people who looked like me by hundreds of businesses owned by P.O.C, and I was beyond elated, but for some reason they weren't being sold in stores, and I found myself spending a lot of extra money trying to buy from multiple websites all the things I needed, which totally sucked, I literally needed a spreadsheet to keep track of where I bought all of my products online....

I wanted a place I could buy everything I needed AND wanted, natural hair, beauty, lifestyle products and more. I wanted to discover new brands that were made for me. I wanted ordering, shipping and customer service to be simple. I wanted fun  samples in my orders and to be matched with the right products for me, so i didn't have to spend my money on trial and error products... I wanted all of that!

So I started CHNO Store..... and that is exactly what we are doing and building...

Our Mission 

To find and bring you the best products specific to the needs of P.O.C on the market coupled with great customer service, fast shipping, simple refund policies and a memorable brand experience.

THE DifferenCE

Not only do we ship the same day you order, we source the majority of our products from companies owned by P.O.C and guarantee each product to be high quality because we put them through a rigorous certification process to make sure they are everything you need them to be and more. Our products are natural, affordable and unique in the way that they are individually created. On top of all of that, we actually keep our inventory in house, so everything you order ships quickly in one branded box.

Our Goal

With so many negative things happening around us, CHNO aims to be a world every  P.O.C can escape to. You can eat, drink, lather on and experience everything P.O.C have to offer as a positive in your everyday life. We aim to make shopping an experience you will want to repeat over and over again and feel connected to, because everything we sell is geared towards your specific needs. 

We want to change the narrative surrounding P,O,C owned products and companies, to show you that not only are our products the best, they could hands down beat any competition. We invite you to  watch our store grow as we add more products. We are the new inclusive and multicultural reality, come be a part of our world!