I headed to mid city Los Angeles for a Black Lives Matter rally. After marching for hours and watching these amazing organizers make their grievances heard by the entire city, I asked myself "So what do I do after this?" Would I keep attending the rallies as another warm body, or could I also help create solutions to these issues? I remembered seeing so many posts on social media about how our economic empowerment was the key to our political empowerment, which meant change for us, so that's when I decided to start buying from Black owned companies, and oh my gosh was it hard...

Basically all I wanted to do was swap all of my current products for ones from Black owned companies. I spent over a month trying to find natural products that were comparable to the ones I already used. When I finally found and ordered them, It took over 2 weeks to receive everything. The products were amazing, but the whole process was totally inconvenient and honestly the experience didn't feel good enough to do it again.

That's when it dawned on me, "This must be the reason people rarely Buy Black, they have to go too much out of their way and there are so many more convenient options." This realization was enough for me, and that's when I decided to create CHNO Store.

Our Mission 

To find and bring you the best Black owned products on the market coupled with great customer service, fast shipping, simple refund policies and a memorable brand experience.

THE DifferenCE

Not only do we ship the same day you order, EVERY product we stock is Black Owned and high quality because we put them through a rigorous certification process to make sure they are everything you need them to be and more. Our products are natural, affordable and unique in the way that they are individually created. On top of all of that, we actually keep our inventory in house, so everything you order ships quickly in one branded box.

Our Goal

With so many negative things happening around us, CHNO aims to be a world every black person and P.O.C can escape to. You can eat, drink, lather on and experience everything our people have to offer as a positive in your everyday life. We aim to make buying Black an experience you will want to repeat over and over again and feel connected to. 

We want to change the narrative surrounding Black owned products and companies, to show you that not only are our products the best, they could hands down beat any competition. We invite you to experience for yourself the wonders of Black creation, and watch our store grow as we add more products that you would never have guessed existed. We are the new reality, come be a part of our world!