Rihanna and Taraji P's Brow Artist Extraordinaire Opens Black Owned Salon In Beverly Hills, And YES You Can Afford It!

Your entire face is dictated by your brows, so why have I never had mine professionally done? Honestly I don't know, I don't like to pay to have pain inflicted on me I guess, that would be the simple answer, but now I am 30 years old, so it's time to establish some beauty routines to keep my youthful looks, and even though this melanin shall never crack in the name of all that is holy, I still have to do my part, so I decided to start with my brows, which needed a lot of love, and go to the place where EVERY celebrity in Hollywood goes to get their face perfected.....

 these brows need love

these brows need love

black owned salon beverly hills

Obviously, Beverly hills is nice AF. Literally just walking down the streets feels like an act of rebellion, like "Yeah I'm from the valley what's it to you!!" even the people working at the front desk of the salons I passed by looked like they were judging me... Geez, but right when I stepped into Damone Roberts Brow Salon, I felt right at home. I was greeted by a really warm front desk person, and I mean a really really nice person, zero judgement in his eyes, and was seated to wait for my appointment time.  

damone roberts salon beverly hills black owned

The salons decor was super cute and didn't feel intimidating at all. I loved the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the artwork, especially the painted piece of Damone that looked like one of his many admirers painted it for him. Inside the salon, I counted 2 working brow artists, which was nice because even though I couldn't afford to get my eyebrows done by Damone himself, WHICH YOU CAN book by the way for a cool 150, I knew that he wasn't letting just ANYONE rent a chair in his salon, these brow artists were like extensions of Damones talent and dedication, which is why I felt good booking my appointment with Mehae.


The service was quick, pretty painless (I tear up when the wind blows, so a bit teary for me) but overall the service was exactly what I paid for, perfect brows, and that's what I got! AND THE BEST PART.... WAIT FOR IT..... I ended up going on a Tuesday morning because I had a meeting out there that day too, AND IT TURNS OUT Tuesday's you can get your brows done for a special $35 instead of the usual $50. 


And if you want a real treat, make sure you make a visit down the hall and see all of the celebrities thank you messages to Damone with their signature written all over the walls! Talk about adding value to the building!

damone roberts salon
damone roberts beverly hills

Oh if you want to see Damone's eyebrows, just know they are perfect too! He has his own brow make-up line that I am dying to carry in the CHNO Store, y'all better watch out when we add make-up to our store! Here's a link to his instagram if you wanna see, and check out the rest of the celebrity eyebrows he's perfected too... You have to come experience this for yourself.  BUT LOOK AT MY BROWS NOW! So much better right?


Ps: I pay for all of my services at any Black owned business I visit, so If I recommend it, you know it's because it's high quality in both service and product.