5 Convenient Black Owned Products I Use Everyday To Look Amazing

    When I pose next to trash, I use these 5 products to make sure I look better than it.....


When I pose next to trash, I use these 5 products to make sure I look better than it.....

My Goal is this, To always feel like gold no matter where I am, how long I've slept or how many times a baby has thrown up on me. Honestly the only way I know how to feel this good is by using amazing skin products, hair products and always, ALWAYS smelling fresh. There is a reason we only choose certain products for our store, because they are all based on my extremely discerning taste. So when I find myself passing out in the middle of the day on the couch and then waking up with just enough time to get somewhere important, I need products that take minimal effort with MAXIMUM results.

Product One: Clean 360 Soap Lavender Vanilla

I want a big juicy bar of soap, with great lather, a strong scent that isn't too overpowering and moisturizing. Don't let the "grocery store style" packaging fool you, there is a big ol handmade bar of soap in there. What I love about this soap is that it can last a single person almost two weeks and gets you clean without drying out your skin. It smells delicious and you definitely get your money's worth with this bar. It's literally only $2.50







Product Two: Exfoliating Shea Lotion Bar

lotion bar.jpg

Any product that gets multiple things done at the same time is a busy persons best friend, and this right here takes your entire exfoliating/moisturizing routine and makes it quicker and more effective. I am sure not many of us use lotion bars on a daily basis so understanding how to use one is important. First, take your regular shower, then when you are done and still damp, take this natural exfoliating lotion bar and rub it over your entire body in a circular motion to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. When finished, rinse your body off in the shower. I personally like to use lukewarm water for the initial rinse, then cold water to seal in the moisture. Once you step out of the shower, it literally only cost you $10 to feel like a complete person. 



whipped shea.jpg

So now that you are clean, exfoliated and moisturized (with just 2 products) it's time to put some focus on your face. Whether or not you like to wear make-up or feel like you have to, we all want the ability to just roll out of bed and love our natural skin. I can confidently say that was never me, until I started using this face cream. It has faded my acne scars, plumped my skin (along with drinking water of course) and given it a glow I am absolutely crazy about. It says multi use, but for the price I use it solely as a face cream, but at $22 it's already a steal. Just wash you face and dab a little on before bed. At first it might feel a bit too oily, that's ok, I just put a towel on my pillow when I go to sleep.









Okay, who actually buys bottles of shaving cream anymore? Haven't we all learned that hair conditioner does the trick? Well anyway, this soap does it even better. African liquid soap is a lazy mxns dream 3in1 soap, shampoo, body wash and shave gel all in one. The greatest use for this soap is for shaving, a little goes a long way, and your razor gets a super close shave because it glides perfectly right over your skin, where shave cream leaves a kind of barrier and you have to go over the same spot like 10 times. So if there is a lazy Mxn in your home, get this soap, let it be for many uses for him, and a shave gel for you. Multi use soap for him and a long lasting shave gel for you for $9, that's what I'm talking about. 



If your hair and skin are on point the rest of you really doesn't matter, you could legit be wearing spaghetti stained  sweat pants and still slay aisle 6 of the grocery store. I can only swear to you 10000000 times about this mixed chicks leave in and gel combo, and we've tried it on every type of curl pattern so we know it is good. But the best part, this is the shortest wash n go routine you will ever have. You're welcome.


P.S: You can get all of these products in our store, isn't that awesome?