This Non Toxic Los Angeles Nail Salon Is Not Only Black Owned, It's Baby Friendly Too

I needed a pedicure, BADLY! The last time my feet were graced by a skilled nail tech, was 1 week before going into labor. Having a mani/pedi has always brought me some kind of peace, knowing that even if I looked a complete mess, my hands and feet at least looked nice, so I felt good no matter what the rest of me looked like.

 But now, my body has changed, I am my baby's slave, and I felt like a complete mess. The only remedy I felt, was to finally get at least a pedicure, since my hands are always busy with the baby, I would have to wait for that manicure, but a pedicure, YES I could do that! Now the problem was where the heck could I get my nails done without leaving my infant at home for 2 whole hours? Then I found it!

Powder Beauty Co right in the heart of Los Angeles off of La Brea is 100% a destination salon and quite a curated experience for those who like a lot of pampering with their pedi's. As soon as I walked in I felt totally relaxed, the atmosphere felt like a posh zen temple. I had made an appointment so there was no wait, I was taken directly to one of their comfortable plush blue pedicure chairs and offered complimentary beer and wine (OH YEAH! DON'T MIND IF I DO!) 


I immediately took baby out of her car seat because it was nursing time, and as I fed her I took in a huge breath because the air in the salon was so fresh and clean I couldn't get over it! The fact that I didn't have to suffocate from toxic nail fumes like I usually did and neither did my baby was a godsend! The best part was I also felt comfortable nursing her in the open (no judgement from the owners or anyone else inside).

They take so much care at Powder to give you a relaxing experience, from the handmade chairs and pedastools, to the big bronze bowls they roll out specifically for your foot soak. You can tell the entire place was curated piece by piece and with so many beautiful details, the owner even told me that she hand drew a lot of the furniture inside and had it manufactured by a metal worker just for her! Now that's dedication to aesthetics!


I decided on a basic pedicure because I wasn't sure how much time I was going to have, which included a foot soak, an exfoliating foot and leg scrub, a moisturizing massage, a calf massage  with a wood roller, and a triple coat color.  Next time I go, I am definitely getting the upgraded pedi.


Boy was I relaxed, and so was my baby, there were no machines whirring, no nails flying, no toxic fumes in the air and it was wonderful. Powder prides itself on ONLY using non toxic nail polishes and all of the products there use are all natural. Their signature Powder dip mani and pedi's are said to have longer lasting results than gel with the same beautiful result just without the chemicals.

It is my job to honestly review these Black owned establishments, and I can with full enthusiasm recommend Powder Beauty Salon to everyone, especially moms with small babies who just need to feel pretty like I did. We are out here showing you not only are Black owned Businesses amazing, they are the standard. I will definitely be back here for a facial and another pedicure with the little one in tow!