How I Threw A Gorgeous All Black Owned Baby Shower In L.A For 35 People And Only Spent 1,100 Dollars

Sounds like a crazy number right? I promised I would share how I threw such a gorgeous party for all of my close friends and family, sourced everything from Black owned companies and came out of it alive with money still in my pocket for baby! There are a few rules to party planning I stick by and I am willing to let you in on these secrets to making an intimately memorable shower without breaking your baby bank and which Black owned companies I used to make our special day super smooth!

 Family and Friends who stayed behind and helped me clean up, the real MVP's.

Family and Friends who stayed behind and helped me clean up, the real MVP's.

So, first things first, when planning a party on a budget there are 4 rules, 

  1. Make a list of what you feel are the three most important aspects of your party. For me it was Food, Venue and having a chef cook instead of me.
  2. Spend as much of your budget as needed on those three things
  3. Never spend extra money on things people wont notice (ie: having silk napkins instead of linen, having music play on speakers instead of a DJ) I promise you no one cares.
  4. Never let the party go past 4 hours. Mine was set to last for two. The longer people linger, the more food, drinks, toilet paper etc you will need to buy. No Thanks! Lol.
 Black Owned: Pretty Notes Card Stock, Designed By Castlefield

Black Owned: Pretty Notes Card Stock, Designed By Castlefield

When I planned this, I decided I didn't want to have a regular baby shower, but instead I opted to create a special ceremony for my friends and family that would Honor them for the role they would play in my baby's life. I handing out special cards in envelopes with their names on it and inside the cards I listed all of the special characteristics that each person had that I wished to see in our baby. It was such a special ceremony for everyone because it was about acknowledgement of how important they were, and I will tell you most people rarely feel acknowledged about anything, so this was definitely a lovely way to do it. I had each person read their card out loud, there were lot's of tears (mostly from my little brother, who never cries) . So in order to create this special ceremony, I ordered the most beautiful cards I could find from Castlefield Designs, a gorgeous Black owned graphic greeting card and stationary design company. 

 Friends and family reading their cards out loud... each one was made especially for them.

Friends and family reading their cards out loud... each one was made especially for them.


Next, I found the perfect venue for this ceremony. I wanted lots of natural light, a nice large room with plenty of seating for the ceremony and a kitchen to eat and for the chef to cook in. I went on a venue finder site called Peerspace and found the perfect location, and of course, this venue was Black owned. It fit up to 200 people and goes for $75 an hour. I booked 4 hours, 2 for set up and clean up, and 2 for the party. My favorite thing about this space, is the gorgeous rose wall and queens throne that come with the venue, SO SPECTACULAR!

Next, finding and hiring a chef to make the main meal was a cinch, I hired Chef Korby, a los Angeles Black vegan chef who readily obliged my desire to make food that my family loved! We agreed on a vegan lasagna and when it came to the rest of the food, I decided to make a few simple finger foods myself since the chef was taking care of the harder work. The food I made was simple, and since none of my friends were vegan, and this party was for them, I catered to their tastes. I made cheese and hummus boards, deviled eggs, smoked salmon puff pastries and caprese on a stick. My advice, don't go overboard, make exactly 1-2 servings of each item per guest. I also ordered a beautiful 2 tiered Lemon cake from a Black owned Bakery called Southern Girl Desserts in Inglewood.

shirt 2.jpg

Lastly, I bought 35 white onesies, and had all of my family and friends write messages to me or to the baby. It is so sweet being able to dress her in those onesies, they are so beautiful and a few have definitely made me feel like a powerful mom.



All in all, the ceremony was beautiful, everyone absolutely loved everything from the food to the space and everything in between! So Here is the breakdown of everything Black owned we bought for this shower!


  1. Venue: $75 for 4 hours:  $300

  2. Vegan Chef Korby Negus: $260

  3. Castlefield Note Cards For Ceremony: $35

  4. Cake from Southern Girl Desserts: $65

    Total: $560

Click the links above to use what I did! The rest of the funds went to my dress, buying the onesies and the finger foods for guests! Tell me what you think! Was it fabulous or was it FABULOUS!