Creative Cocktails, Fancy Hashbrowns And Out Of This World Service Make This Black Owned Santa Monica Restaurant A Brunch Time Destination


First of all who doesn't love brunch, second of all I will be going back just to sip on another one of those amazing cocktails and snack on those double fried fluffy in the middle hash browns with smoked ketchup, that's right, smoked ketchup. If you're wondering where in the heck a Black owned restaurant is in Santa Monica, you've probably passed it a million times and never knew this treasure sits right on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and 7th. Welcome to Native Restaurant.

Black owned restaurant native cafe

Before we even walked in the front door, we were already being greeted by the friendliest restaurant staff. We had made a reservation a few days in advance online and got a text that morning from the restaurant letting us know that they were excited to see us for brunch and even answered my query on their site about accommodating some of my dietary restrictions so that was VERY cool. As soon as we walked through the front door, our waitress greeted us right away and sat us at a table of our choosing, then quickly brought us waters. Honestly, I don't think there was one moment of neglect our entire visit. The waitress even took the time to tell us about the head chef Nyesha Arrington and the care she put into preparing her food from the menu to the plating. Just the way the waitress spoke of the head chef, gave me the feeling that the staff was not only happy to work for her, they were thriving under her. 

We ordered two of the hashbrown dishes, my friend ordered the Maple syrup sandwiches and I ordered the vegan soup. Everything was plated so lovely and was fun to eat. I especially loved the amazingly crafted cocktail I ordered called the "Bright Light" which was a lovely mix of gin, calamansi juice and garnished with rosemary. Now I am not a drinker, but I would 100% visit this restaurant every weekend just to try their entire cocktail menu and snack on these hashbrowns for life.

Black owned restaurant

Chef Arrington's menu is so beautifully curated, and the most interesting part about the way she creates is that she has a zero waste policy where she makes sure she uses the entirety of each ingredient she sources, and she sources all of her ingredients locally and sustainably. 

 Enjoying a moment with Chef Arrington, but someone else is always stealing the show :)

Enjoying a moment with Chef Arrington, but someone else is always stealing the show :)

This restaurant is so unbelievably gorgeous, I could not stop looking around. The natural sunlight combined with the soft glowing pendant lights was a definite mood, and I seriously felt like one of those rich Caucasian women who brunches all Saturday afternoon while her home is being cleaned and her dog is at the groomers, but this was a BLACK experience, and it was SO MUCH BETTER than that!

black owned restaurant los angeles

My advice, take a Saturday, go to the Beach, stop here for brunch, PLEASE ON EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY get a cocktail and a hashbrown to start, then explore the menu for yourself. These are not your ordinary everyday dishes, they were all created with a special purpose by an amazing chef, so order a few, taste and share together to get the most out of your Black brunching experience with Chef Arrington at Native Restaurant.

I was told to come back for dinner..... I definitely will 

Note: Every Black owned place I visit, I always pay full price for everything in order to stay unbiased in my review. So you know if I write about it, its because its genuinely amazing. Just like the products in our online store.