This Full Service Herbal Shop Is Black Owned And A Complete Dream

The first time I stumbled into this shop was by complete accident. I was down the street getting a colonic (which I highly recommend EVERYONE get at least once a year) and I needed a fresh pick me up afterwards. You barely notice this shop from the street, but when I walked in I was completely blown away. Welcome to Mother Natures Remedy in Woodland Hills.


When I stepped in, just the energy in the shop elevated my sense of well being right away. Equipped with the cutest juice bar and a full organic menu including smoothies, pressed juices and even avocado toast, I knew right away this would be my new health spot. Everything from the floor to the skylights is well designed and the shops bright white walls were lined with custom built wooden shelves neatly packed with large round glass jars of herbs, spices and essential oils, and honestly it looks like heaven in there. After my first visit, I have come to this place many times when I needed to feel well again, and they always have the proper herbal remedies on hand for any sickness I had because this place keeps a professional herbalist on staff..... Yes.... 


All of the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and empathetic to their customers ailments, but the service does not stop there. As you venture further into the back of the shop, be prepared to stumble into a massage and energy repair room and if you go right across the hall there a steam therapy room and shower. The owner informed me that a lot of people come to the shop seeking these therapies as a means of detoxing their bodies along with the stores herbal remedies.

I am now completely in LOVE with this shop! To top it all off, they source a lot of their products like soaps, shea butters and other body products directly from Africa and sell them in store. But what is really out of this world is the owners own product he created himself, which are Birchwood toothpicks infused with Palo Santo and other essential oils which he says both clean your teeth and have antibacterial and breath freshening properties. Of course I bought a pack of those, and no lie, these toothpicks are the truth, my husband couldn't stop kissing me since his favorite scent is Palo Santo, which was a huge selling point for me LOL.

20180529_182323 (1).jpg

I ask the owner about the stores design, he say's it took a while, but he designed every single aspect of the store from the counters to the shelves, sourcing all of the materials himself. Another Black owner dedicated to detail and creating  not only a shop, but an experience for every customer. Mother Natures Remedy is your new destination shop.

Mother Natures Remedy Located At 22817 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364